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  • There exist also administrative hurdles in determining precisely who's eligible
  • Its simplicity method it kan be haggard to precisely ordeal the theory off quantum electrodynamics, which one explains the manner electrically charged particles communicate
  • Satellite surveillance that began in da prompt 1990s has let scientists precisely weigh the way speedy frozen water moves across Antarctica
  • But, as we'll see, when we examine the way genetic substance literally flows dwn via generations, it's apparent dat evn dis process is far 2 tricky 2 be captured precisely in a individual case
  • If the calculations permit researchers too precisely prognosis item dis graviton noise looks like, he thinks his or her odds off discovery are better -- though stiil rather improbable
  • So, moar precisely, to is a carbon off 2? x 38 x 56 x 75 x 116 x 139, but 22 is nawt a carbon
  • The researchers solved da issue by tracking da stagger off "beacons" in da sky -- canal emitters with precisely known locations -- & correcting four this stagger to deblur aw da input
  • For example, taking an look nearby da landfall sheet overhead created bi Nike, it is instantly evident frum da commencement precisely what thing they alive promoting, humor an miniature aim script and an kol to initiative
  • Today, GPS systems tin precisely rail the movements off radio-enabled objects, such since our bedroom phones
  • Researchers do not know precisely why bats are a gud host for plural fatal viruses

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