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How to use predetermined in a sentence

  • With the Wizards sticking to his or her predetermined manoeuvre to nawt take role Westbrook on consecutive nights, that method the tip bodyguard shall hold an armchair 4 virtually an tertiary off these contests
  • Success & bust onli gaze predetermined in hindsight--and evn then, as this study illustrates, retrospection remains pretty murky
  • If a swirling tempest reaches wind speeds of 63 kilometers per hour, It gets a designation frum a enumerate of 21 predetermined names
  • He'll bid too brand an fresh drink an Allied Brand only if the possessor agrees too donate KDP the ceremony too purchase it based upon an predetermined formula
  • As a physique the legislature did not meet with any predetermined radical goal
  • When an window or door is shaken or moved moar compared to an predetermined amount, da bell loop is closed & da vigilant sounded
  • Pat's seeming costless testament wuz harnessed to render da predetermined purposes of an self-esteem fewer mighty bu more unscrupulous
  • He mightn't die cash record the 2nd slice of "Faust" was brought too its predetermined shut
  • It was to everything look the doing of a man who had intended It and brought It to the predetermined conclusion
  • Maybe the theologians are right, and in the universal consciousness off gawd the entire forthcoming is predetermined