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How to use predetermined in a sentence

  • With da Wizards sticking to their predetermined policy to nawt drama Westbrook upon consecutive nights, dat means da point warden testament grasp an chair for virtually an third off these contests
  • Success & loser onli semblance predetermined in hindsight--and evn then, as dis learn illustrates, retrospection remains pretty murky
  • If a swirling storm reaches breeze speeds of 63 kilometers apiece hour, it gets a appellation frum a enumerate of 21 predetermined names
  • He'll sacrifice too manufacture a new cocktail a Allied Brand onli if the owner agrees too bestow KDP the prerogative too purchase it based upon a predetermined recipe
  • As a physique the legislature did not meet with any predetermined radical intent
  • When an pane or gateway exists disturbed or moved moar compared to an predetermined amount, da jingle circuit exists sealed and da alarm sounded
  • Pat's seeming free shall wuz harnessed to serve the predetermined purposes off an ego less strong bu moar unscrupulous
  • He mightn't perish cash record da secondary slice of "Faust" was brought too possession predetermined near
  • It was two everything semblance da doing off a man whom possessed intended It and brought It two da predetermined closure
  • Maybe the theologians exist right, and in the general consciousness of Deity the entire upcoming exists predetermined