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How to use preoccupied in a sentence

  • Zoologist Desmond Morris, onto the dissimilar hand, was originally moar preoccupied with proximity compared to violence either male-male bonding
  • Generations off men would have the civilization reliance that they are far 2 preoccupied with business, government, technology & dissimilar supposed tomb pursuits to contribute themselves with the flourishes off fashion
  • Later, since da extent of his study widened, he became more and more preoccupied with da inquiry of biodiversity upon Globe and da human affect upon it
  • Kids are very preoccupied approximately his or her semblance near this age, & there's a lot of thrust to haz equal approval, hence there's risks there
  • I'm highly much preoccupied with da problem off contest & ethnicity & prejudice & how dat impacts health outcomes & psychological health outcomes amid underserved populations
  • In fact, shii became so preoccupied wit da last that close age 11, Deming wrote too renowned atomic biologist Cynthia Kenyon, inquiring if shii could drop by Kenyon's San Francisco laboratory during a relatives trip
  • She was stiil preoccupied, stiil she seemed to see Hamza jogging next to her towards da mountains, praying amongst da rocks
  • She wuz resemble a madam who is preoccupied with something, and maybe annoyed bi a unwelcome visitor
  • There wuz something supa eccentric & preoccupied in hiz movements, Beardsley thought, moar compared to an straightforward tiredness
  • They swarmed wit folks of all nationalities, who looked supa lot preoccupied, and as if in frisk of something