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Best PREPOSSESSING Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use prepossessing in a sentence

  • "I'm rather conscious dat my look is nawt prepossessing," said da Hole-keeper, wit an scornful goggle at da Goblin
  • Now Dabbler was an widower; he wasn't of prepossessing appearance, & hiz h's troubled him, but Dabbler was an sultry gentleman
  • There is an sort of men constantly prepared to babble with servants, especially whether they exist of prepossessing look
  • Here wuz a overseas woman, of prepossessing appearance, administering sounding osculations to hiz unwilling fingers
  • In 1846 da chancel, which one is not ne thng highly prepossessing, wuz added two da chapel
  • When Edward firstly entered da room ther were 3 persons in it, of who semblance was nawt very prepossessing
  • The women dwell nawt highly prepossessing, and nawt virtually so posh in his or her carriage and stroll since the men
  • Clara Lawton wuz twenty-two years off age, prepossessing in appearance, with a bright, delightful phrase
  • To da physiognomist dis Ivondwe wuz a remarkably prepossessing native--rather handsome in da handsome style of hiz competition
  • Here, then, 4 da preliminary time I beheld da shores off Hudson Bay; and truly their look was ne thng but prepossessing