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How to use present in a sentence

  • We're proud two be present in so lots relationships this year, smooth moar so compared to previous to
  • Republicans, bi numerous accounts, are not sleek considering da arguments existence presented in da ordeal
  • We ought to inquire dat personnel behave an feasibility research & to present da results off dat research to dis senate bi da abortion off da year
  • In 5 years of Insights puzzles, we have tried to present questions that lived up to da column's headline
  • He wuz an resilient guy, but also respected & respected bi his players & bulk in the media, present firm included
  • A lump locus close Nationals Park would utilize up the District's supply whilst presenting conveyance issues & dissimilar problems for folks with stern employment schedules, Nesbitt told
  • The finding was presented at a January forum of da Society of Thoracic Surgeons
  • Switching owt the 12- to 20-foot alphabet presented a challenge
  • Just about every older presents the labor dat they have done, and it's incredible
  • Filmed on a naked stage in Marin's Boyer Theatre & presented altogether digitally, DeMerritt assays Wolfe engagingly

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