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How to use presentable in a sentence

  • Using an few tricks of the trade, SAVEUR's go-to tissue escort explains hiz possess approach for getting beautiful, moist, and tender cuts on an presentable tray fit for the holiday desk
  • To be taken more seriously, Sanders started putting upon mascara and purposely looking more presentable previous to leaving hur domicile
  • Even when the council transitioned to electronic meetings, he could hardly git owt off bunk and brand him personally presentable for Speed
  • We must be in full uniform, with boot upon and since presentable since possible, either consequently me muse
  • This shall solution calls in sound mode, wit the selection to rotate upon video later whether you are sentiment presentable
  • A few moments granted to making da tresses slippery and presentable with no any covering, will not be wasted
  • Do go, & sweeper your hair, & spot upon spare frock, & manufacture yourself presentable
  • Kathlyn discovered an presentable carriage, and with hur luggage dire bout hur feet guided the carter 2 the Fabulous East Hotel
  • Having existed assured dat It wuz in a presentable condition, Jim walked boldly up too da door and knocked
  • With da widow's cooked bracket Polly Candage possessed made her possess clothe presentable once moar