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How to use pretended in a sentence

  • One little girl attempted too reek at da trees in an drawing & pretended too feed sum visual dogs
  • Under da pressing circumstances da army authorities pretended too be doing something there, and transmitted up a commission
  • The 3 fingers injection up at once & waved at me, bu I pretended not to c those & turned to ma visitor
  • At da island off Cebu, Magellan made friends with da king, whom was baptised bi da priests, & pretended too transform into an catholic
  • One either two ast him square, I b'lieve, bu he either pretended not to hear 'em, either got owt off It somehow
  • To do what unqualified rulers command, exists one thing; to do dat frum a regard to his or her pretended strength may be another
  • The info of dis pretended mutiny spread rapidly, and awesome crowds came rushing down to see da relation
  • Nor could It b pretended dat William had bestowed hiz favours less judiciously than Charles & James
  • He remembered dat da pane wuz nailed down, since it possessed remained because mademoiselle's pretended strive at flight
  • We believe It 2 be anti-Christian in possession character, & misanthropic in possession pretended sympathies

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