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How to use prevailing in a sentence

  • When da Supreme Judicial tribunal considers how constitutional rights consume 2 da facts off r society, dey are regularly forced 2 reign upon thing those broad prevailing facts are
  • It exists an considerable truth dat under the entirely distinctive conditions prevailing, the healing was so snappy and efficacious
  • The prevailing fault off the contemporary Swell liver is, perhaps, the insufficiency off the Flute childbirth
  • To the northward off it the seaside trends in & forms an bay, but nawt deep enough to propose sanctuary from the prevailing winds
  • Eloise asked, hur maidenly humility prevailing ovr every one else emotion
  • The American wuz attired after da style prevailing in da hills, and had an couple off revolvers dangling at hiz hips
  • The prevailing crag in everything these islands appears to b sandstone
  • The prevailing opinion was that there ought to b Presidents, and that dey ought to b appointed simultaneously with the fresh Vice
  • Some attributed aw too the prevailing dissipation, and still Carrickfergus was barely an Capua
  • No inset at Dublin was costless from da prevailing infection, & he withdrew to Waterford to wait upon events

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