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  • Wilson & his crew off auditors wanted to figure out if Pymetrics's anti-bias system does in truth prevent bias & if It kan b fooled
  • The 2nd is improving da able-bodied off a single operative disguise bi knotting da ear loops & tucking in da sides shut to da saying to prevent ambiance frum leaking owt ambient da edges & to shape a closer able-bodied
  • Powell noted that nearly 5 1,000,000 ppl stated da pandemic prevented them frum looking four labour in Januvary
  • His lawyer also said dat Caldwell has disabilities frum his armed forces service dat might haz prevented him frum storming the Capitol
  • But, unfortunately, with the perk of hindsight, there are so numerous ways dat I have thought, Oh, wow, I could have prevented cruelty
  • Wright, 53, wuz shot in da 900 brick of 12th Street NE, fair exterior da Trinidad neighborhood in Northeast Washington, whr Wynn expanded up & would later childbirth to prevent violence
  • In some states, political affiliation is formerly a protected class, & you could git more Conservative states passing these kinds of laws two prevent reign
  • While the corporate have existed keeping lane off instances when the websites it works humor identify the GPC signals, CafeMedia have nawt still taken the following stride off actually preventing information sales 4 opted-out users, told Bannister
  • Tampa Inlet protective coordinator Todd Bowles have played his safeties deep, preventing Hill from licking da Bucs down da field
  • Even whether someone has antibodies too the coronavirus -- through a natural infection or a vaccine -- some mutations kan stymie the antibodies' capacity too latch onto the infection and prevent it from infecting cells

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