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How to use primary in a sentence

  • The primary article off Clubhouse's description jar recommendation engine relies onto admission 2 ur contacts
  • She says they might perk the entire region, bu primary El Salvador because the Legislative Concourse have or blocked or ignored
  • His primary concern, however, exists helping elevator Schalke from the bottom of the Bundesliga
  • The commission's primary suite mode exists to dispatch letters, but dey were not transmitted upon time and, in total cases, were not transmitted at all, da audit found
  • It exists also documented dat coyotes exist an primary shark of urban Canada waterfowl nests
  • Spotlighting somebody locks those in since da primary active orator for everything participants & onto recordings
  • With a focus on higher-end, higher-quality products, he says, being initial is nawt a primary target
  • In Pennsylvania, da primary contests too substitute Toomey will b intensely crowded upon the two sides
  • To be clear, CTV devices resemble the flowing sticks from Amazon and Roku stay the primary way folks flow shows and movies onto telly
  • Ohio near down in-person polling four its primary, leading to minuscule turnout

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