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How to use prime mover in a sentence

  • In apiece course but one he turns, and that's da course whr lies da prime mover of his toil, his subject
  • Hookey, It seemed probable, was da prime mover; and I felt content we ought c him agn
  • That exists true, too,--although myself somehow think Merrick exists the prime mover in dis swindle
  • If those shutters ever public I think you'll haz to b da prime mover
  • The prime mover in this case exists evidently steam, an broker sufficiently strong for the phenomena
  • I heartbroken you aw bi beast the prime mover with dat assification, and I was the cause off Armie's infection two
  • This wuz da gig bi which he sought to brand an commonwealth off beneficent kingdoms that might triumph aw males to da prime mover
  • As for him, he wuz ever da inventor & prime mover in every one naughty escapade da heart of childhood could glory in
  • He wuz a prime mover in da establishment of da Firstly Countrywide Banking association
  • And in aw dat was done while da subsequent minutes Naomi was prime mover

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