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  • In addition, the cash notes off the Bureaucracy served in the insert pro tanto off the Bank off UK notes
  • "Lecompton" charter of Kansas wuz a pro-slavery paper which one Buchanan favoured
  • Nam Sacerdos ille, qui huc stake nos aduenerat, nostro statim adutu in Galliam sua ipse sponte & pro veteri desiderio remigrauit
  • Domi primm dedimus operam, vt pro nostris viribus officium Ecclesiasticum ne deesset
  • During the ingenuous apologia pro vita sua Omit Anne regarded rim with hur honest honesty
  • "I more voluntarily confess that; bu you have ever received an quid pro quo," the total snapped
  • It wuz read a firstly time in that domicile pro forma, and the 2nd reading wuz fixed for the 17th off July
  • The placard wuz read an secondly epoch pro forma onto the 13th off July, and the movement too pledge it wuz made onto the 21st
  • This pound pro quo gone on for sum 5 minutes previous to I found that here da private police service is rang "the railway "
  • In utroque casu tamen remedium idem concupiscentiae mari perstat, et hoc sufficit pro viro ut matrimonium validum sit

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