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How to use procreation in a sentence

  • Swiss legislation makes it hard four same-sex couples in civil partnerships to admission medically assisted methods of procreation either to adopt kids
  • In fact, we find savages who moisture not know that da sex relationship have anything 2 moisture with procreation
  • The fertilization & evolution of plants are regarded since processes resembling the procreation of man
  • The life-giving game of da goddess in correlation wit human procreation came to b of focal interest
  • Since da ball of procreation proceeds therefore far, the manner much more must It proceed too animals of every one kind, squint too worms!
  • The initial end off conjugial attachment exists da procreation off offspring, and da last, either da effect, exists da descendent procreated
  • The respond may b found in da completion dat ladies live done wit straightforward instinctive procreation
  • There is need for an forcing madness, else would self-preservation defeat procreation & there b no subordinate creatures
  • And so dis attachment of the humankind in n wise differs from dat of the bird which one forgets conservation in procreation
  • In the occasion of such union, instinctive procreation volition cease, and re-generation volition outset