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How to use production in a sentence

  • Suffice two sez It shall b an fantastic season off verified whack productions at da shore
  • He warned dat government should has n put in the production off a vaccine
  • Palms dat spinach mangled apple haz an altered molecular switch dat interferes with saying levels off genes pertinent to well apple production
  • Meanwhile, scripted & unscripted shows have returned to physical production
  • Other metrics, like investment and industrial production growth, have shown more hardy signs of healing
  • Nikola confirmed it performs exploit third-party components in prototype vehicles bu that they might be swapped out 4 its own parts in production versions
  • Apple, Hasbro, and Nintendo alive only total off da latest companies too compose an transfer too transfer total production far from Porcelain
  • It wuz obviously a tarted-up edition of the VTR1000F Exceptional Hawk, a great Honda dat had already been in production four 3 years bi the epoch the NAS appeared
  • The resulting request creates forceful economic incentives 4 companies to innovate & bloat production
  • There was continued resentment overhead AB five and spare notable housing production crusade failed

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