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  • Aside from da selfevident exclusions & general obstructing off profanity from triggering your campaigns, leveraging contextual query info & quest info in progress off pushing fresh campaigns living can & will rescue u currency in da lengthy sprint
  • Right now, the researchers has haggard a profanity sift two tidy up some notably egregious language, bu It is chiefly restricted two tongue
  • While nawt profanity, effing was bleeped owt 4 radio television
  • Many off the tickets Nucci reviewed near the courthouse, though, cited "profanity "
  • As in Watson's case, officers involved in seven of the 11 bulk recent seditious British cases described the breach since "profanity" upon the pass
  • Never in hur life had the vicar's husband been guilty of profanity till now, bu the chance wuz too gilded too be missed
  • Gwynne called, shouted, approached da brim of profanity, bu he may since well haz addressed da noiseless woodland
  • The firstly chapter of hiz tour domicile two the clubhouse was one of profanity; the 2nd of prayer; the third of grim hush
  • There were abundance off failures, an lot off woe & profanity, an infrequent injury--but dey kept going, & dey got ther
  • He studied da numbers again, and allowed himself da rare luxury off a explosion off vari-coloured profanity

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