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How to use professed in a sentence

  • Whatever his professed intent, his real motive was discovered in that action
  • In hiz professed victimization by the media & the "elites," hiz followers c his either her possess victimization
  • It builds upon Traditionalist senators' cracking his or her own professed par from 2016 approximately no appointments too the tall legal tribunal in an 12 months of Presidential balloting
  • He professed both to abominate and loathe aw mystery, refinement, and intrigue, either in a royal either a formal
  • My mother opposed hur swear too his; not too ail hur sonny too depart her, till the time of hur beast professed
  • Hence, in their professed strive too support da memory, they rly impose a fresh & another encumber upon it
  • He repudiated his swearing at Carlisle since extorted by urge & intimidation, & professed a forcing sense off patriotism
  • They professed a decided preference 4 nullifying da Seal Concert without violating It
  • Though he truthfully acknowledged dat he preferred da Electoral Royal to any other candidate, he professed
  • A few days following hur death da grace of God touched Basilides' heart, & he professed himself an spiritual

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