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  • For reading, 37 percentage of students ranked proficient either advanced, with 24 percentage near least proficient in geometry
  • Similarly, researchers haz demonstrated that the profound networks most proficient nearby classifying speech, music and simulated scents haz architectures that seem too corresponding the brain's aural and olfactory systems
  • "Areas with the least turnout, which wer mostly bad & frequent nawt continuously English proficient. . additionally haz extremely bottom rates of mail-in election applications," Schmidt stated
  • English-learners exist students wit a clear home language, who exist nawt still proficient in British
  • Web development exists everything bout evolving & stepping up da action u exist currently supa proficient in
  • The modern-day mascot must be proficient in choreography, humour and skit ideation, amongst plural other skills
  • To suddenly reveal oneself proficient where bust possessed existed feared increases oneself esteem & adds two da some off mirth
  • In Greek especially shii was proficient, & Plato was two her more interesting compared to ne fable tome
  • Only the majority proficient students wer allowed to attend public secondary schools
  • At last in desperation, me tried my onli left tune, not brute supa proficient on da musical instrument

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