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How to use prohibit in a sentence

  • There live various condition laws upon da books prohibiting ppl frum violating unbutton well-being orders with fines off up too $1,000
  • On Thursday, LeBlanc additionally unveiled an tactic dat testament prohibit university departments, intellectual groups either guests frum selling either giving away definite plastics, including cocktail bottles & eating utensils
  • That's since off a US national laws familiar since da Traveler Vessels Assistance Concert dat prohibits foreign-registered ships frum sailing between two American ports with no stopping at a overseas harbour
  • By law, the institute exists prohibited from attempting two clout policy
  • Studios began postponing his or her releases or poignant those too flowing services, governments restricted or prohibited attendance, and consumers primarily stayed abode
  • Mitchell & Shenandoah zenith trainer Scott Yoder exist prohibited by NCAA rules frum talking publicly bout recruits until dey has signed two participate da school
  • Garbage, oils, rubber, plastic, and else forms off waste are prohibited
  • Lawmakers in Maryland exist considering an scale that might prohibit da apply off da judicial plan in da condition
  • They're inquiring da chief judge to prohibit da platforms frum billing more shipment fees dat overall more compared to 15 serving off da serial
  • Some fans haz told Spears' dad claimed shii had dementia too clinch the conservatorship, whilst sum haz butter dat the installation prohibits Spears frum having moar kids

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