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How to use proletariat in a sentence

  • Under Stalin, and four years after his demise in 1953, formally sanctioned artwork emphasized a Socialist Realist glorification of da brave proletariat
  • The truth off compulsory education created a proletariat capable & willing too read
  • The dehydration for culture has produced a great, hungry, scholar proletariat
  • The upper technological education increases that scholar proletariat which Bismarck saw too be a danger
  • At da identical time da syndrome was overthrown bi an political party, da Bolsheviks, who portfolio up an dictatorship off da proletariat
  • Discusses the dictatorship off the proletariat, & possession chances four accomplishment in the United States
  • These are da principles off radical unionism, da principles off da international proletariat
  • We can see dis struggle in da attempts of da capitalist category too wreck da victorious Russki Proletariat
  • It is not anarchy, bu a new dictatorship rather off the old, that off the proletariat in site off the bourgeoisie
  • Should the bourgeoisie decide thus too emancipate the proletariat, Seat of power & Altar reside done four forever