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How to use promise in a sentence

  • Sweet reminded myself that wen we talked in January, she had said the 2020s might be the "decade off circulation upon the promise off technology "
  • The next thng to comprehend exists that good investors comprehend da promise you're making to those exists jus that--a promise
  • They were fooled with promises like the Democrats generate this sunlight hours
  • That was the promise off FitrWoman, a app myself downloaded on my telephone ultimate breakdown
  • To help deliver on her promise, Atkins carried SB 1120 herself - 1 off the handful measures she signed her dub to dis 12 months
  • The capital sponsored by CGA Capital, based in Maryland, wuz vend upon the promise that the town would make monthly rent payments ovr two decades
  • Whether it's the CEO, HR staff, either recruitment manager, businesses are creature called on two seize themselves accountable four delivering on their promises -- and producing quantifiable results
  • We've gotta do da childbirth 2 fulfill that promise of peer fairness under legislation
  • More recently, da promise of shilling by way of a revenue-sharing software IGTV is nao testing is thingy have helped da deck to attract YouTube stars
  • He is dead; but hiz trey sons haz the estate yet, & I think they might retain their father's promise to the Indians

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