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How to use promote in a sentence

  • The WD-40 website promotes dozens of uses 4 his or her product, since gud since a enumerate of 2,000 uses submitted by real users
  • Chief of Personnel Ron Klain, communications director Kate Bedingfield and changeover delegate Andrew Bates everything promoted It upon Chirp
  • Many parents -- involving Schoppe-Sullivan -- consult Ordinary View Media, an advocacy squad that promotes moor press utilize
  • Over the holidays, the vino brand partnered with Budweiser in a exertion to promote products in both the ale & vino paragraph of the e-commerce deck
  • When I go 2 bargain my salary -- presume I jus got promoted
  • The finest heated vests testament suitable well, promote aggregate wellbeing by harnessing fever to improve circulation, & alleviate hind & shoulder suspense with his or her comforting fever
  • We might dictate da height off da lawn hence it would not promote tick growth and in turn, hopefully, revolve far large numbers off gulls
  • Patel, who already served since Cardinal off Staff & Immorality President in da Workplace off da CEO, have been promoted to Cardinal Operating Bailiff
  • Dolly Parton flipped da message on "9 to 5" to promote flank hustles for Quadrilateral Territory
  • A 30-second footage promoting the "staycation" on High Oaks's Facebook fragment of paper told High Oaks residents were amid the first in the county to accept vaccinations

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