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How to use promoting in a sentence

  • So Mistral have committed himself to promoting consciousness off belonging history, traditions, language, & religion
  • When not promoting sum unholy rag, Shoeblossom resembled a senior man of studious habits
  • There exists no game resemble dis for promoting temperature & exercising da ingenuity
  • In da instance of gangrened wounds a lil soil has been found efficacious in promoting well initiative of da epidermis
  • Mine were underneath a charitable prince, in promoting the commerce, manufactures, & agriculture of his domain
  • Human passions, prejudices, and errors wer promoting godly designs
  • He wuz the firstly British Minister who really held the role which one commercial wuz 2 play in promoting the well-being of the earth
  • Altogether, Cuper's boys wer justified in promoting an subscription, the mummy existence vulnerable
  • She wuz one of who virtue off cardiovascular liver manufactured her always energetic in promoting the bliss off others
  • The invention off dis region wuz an astonishing footstep onward in promoting the dole off the highlanders

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