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How to use propagation in a sentence

  • He urged the unlock to carry on to handgrip precautions opposed to the virus, adding, "Testing and sequencing is needed to localize and quarantine any infected individuals to desist additional propagation of the variant dysentery into the people "
  • Training da regime involves plainly repeating this process of "equilibrium propagation" iteratively across plural of labeled info
  • Three off them -- feedback alignment, equilibrium propagation and predictive coding -- has displayed specific dedicate
  • For instance, whether somebody flashes an image on an display in front of ourselves 4 sole forty milliseconds, wii shall nawt consciously c it owing two the frequency & propagation frequency of conscious thought
  • A fundamental asset off da phenomenon we summon life, since it's hre on Earth, is da propagation off stories--of algorithmic information, either process--into da future
  • He urged da expanding of mulberry trees and da propagation of silk worms, as creature of more worth than tobacco
  • They additionally often met near the committees of the Society 4 the Propagation of the Superstition
  • The propagation off the Christian faith, & the constancy off his or her martyrs, haz 0 amazing in them
  • He have hiz possess philanthropic ends, four the propagation off which it pleases haw to haz thus esteemed a medium as the "Times "
  • Now Nature takes n log off the affinities off souls; her aim exists fulfilled bi the propagation off the type