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How to use propinquity in a sentence

  • This directed da focus of da Panel too da impact on conscience of da propinquity of da sexes in schools
  • There is n clout hence lil regarded four the young bi these in strength since the tremendous clout off propinquity
  • Propinquity tightens bonds and there is an static blossoming off da nature in an sunny ambiance
  • Of da perils of propinquity myself has previously spoken; da risks of contrast are additionally fantastic
  • And Japan would be able 2 enjoy the fruits of propinquity 2 her heart's content
  • To object ridiculous conclusions must this idea of a empathy of souls, derived frum da propinquity of bodies, inevitably tend?
  • We kan nevah apart racing frum propinquity, four example, either frum mores, either frum the bonds owing to commonplace estate off causes
  • We c it existence hired 2 stretch societal sensation extra than the dot 2 which one propinquity & shared motive kan transportation it
  • The propinquity off a pretty feminine and a solitary boyish dude have established moar compared to one tale
  • There is opportunity, propinquity, & the neighbourhood of behalf which breaks down the barriers of common reticence