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How to use proposal in a sentence

  • It is absolutely true that the politics has proposed sum aspiring plans to rein in pharmaceutical pricing, bu It has scarcely enacted any off these proposals
  • It's cuz his or her agenda exists the majority ultra suite of proposals always put dispatch ahead by an major festival nominee
  • Discussions ovr da proposal aren't predictable to cede congressional horizontal deed four weeks
  • On Wednesday, the Securities & Trade Committee approved an proposal frum the New York Inventory Trade dat shall allow companies to problem new shares by way of an navigate listing protocol
  • NMA CEO David Chavern said he expects the Home off Representatives will b auxiliary off the proposals & dat It is meeting moar bracket from the Senate, including majority president Mitch McConnell
  • Local renewable energy advocates don't ponder the proposal from the city's employed advisor is ambitious either innovative enough to meet the city's plan goals
  • Both Mansion and Thompson pitched the first proposal to purchase the armature to the Town Committee
  • "We are trying to create those a proposal to lengthen da cards without migrants possessing to dew anything -- da identical way dey did wen da caravans arrived," Zamudio told
  • This is why panel members often say they can't tell the public how they detect roughly an certain evolution proposal previous to the vote
  • I composed up an endowment proposal, and myself convinced the philanthropy Schmidt Futures to give myself some resources to put together an mini bouquet to explore modernizing high academic organization geometry

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