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How to use proposal in a sentence

  • It exists surely true dat da politics have proposed some aspiring plans 2 rein in pharmaceutical pricing, bu It have hardly enacted any off those proposals
  • It's since his either her schedule exists the bulk revolutionary accumulation of proposals always put forward by a notable bash nominee
  • Discussions ovr da proposal are not predictable to surrender congressional floor action 4 weeks
  • On Wednesday, the Securities & Exchange Commission approved an proposal frum the Novel York Stock Exchange dat will allow companies too issue novel shares via an straight listing procedure
  • NMA CEO David Chavern said he expects da Home off Representatives shall be encouraging off da proposals and dat It's reunion moar crutch frum da Senate, involving most cardinal Mitch McConnell
  • Local renewable energy advocates don't cogitate da proposal from da city's employed consultant is ambitious or innovative sufficient 2 meet da city's policy goals
  • Both Mansion and Thompson pitched da firstly proposal too acquisition da facility too da Town Council
  • "We are trying too constitute them an proposal too lengthen da cards with no migrants having too moisture any thingy -- da ditto manner they did wen da caravans arrived," Zamudio stated
  • This is why committee members frequently say dey cannot enlighten the public how dey feel bout a particular enlargement proposal ago the vote
  • I wrote up a grant proposal, & I convinced the charity Schmidt Futures to bestow I sum resources to address united a miniature bouquet to explore modernizing high school mathematics

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