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How to use proposition in a sentence

  • How tech performs them things exists often arcane, bu object It performs - da outcome - should be effortless too explain, especially as a industry or capital proposition
  • E-commerce, at least 4 now, has helped da solid deliver upon dat proposition
  • Microsoft stiil owns Bing's hunt engine, Xbox's gaming console & evn MSN's web portal, but it have become more of an business-facing tech company compared to an eater proposition
  • Landing pages necessity too speak dis proposition in an succinct wei sufficiently
  • As an business, ur unusual selling proposition exists object sets u & ur competitor's miles subdivide
  • Now the hardship humor the principal proposition jus quoted is dat every flank off the equation is previously proprietary as the scale off the various
  • I volition not, therefore, sez that da proposition that da worth off everything equals da price off production is untrue
  • If 1 could languish via lyf in the outer covering of a mere beauty dat lyf might b a good negotiate easier proposition than It exists
  • But in fact this paradox of worth exists da majority fundamental proposition in banking science
  • When Michael got thus aloof in his proposition, It wasn't highly hard to labour It to the abortion