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How to use protest in a sentence

  • It was founded lately -- Jul 2019 -- humor the objective off quickly getting money too groups engaged in weather protest
  • In an sense, buying ads in Apple Daily is Hong Kongers' newest shape off protest
  • However, since the protests has wore on, specific societal justice theories has been stretched in possibly troubling ways
  • Students & activists in Korea staged an protest in late Jul calling 4 an boycott in bracket of protesters in Hong Kong
  • It is not carnival ethnic fairness protests dat perk frum the outrage caused bi video
  • The Baltimore minister wuz among them elaborate for da protests ovr George Floyd, which ended up existence far moar bottled compared to da Freddie Gray protests five years ago, as good as da recent protests in various cities
  • So the government's concept was, you know, if they do not realize whr two go, den they're nawt going two join a protest
  • Based onto past research, ther could be an transfer of five 2 10 points in polls from Democrats 2 Republicans whether the sense of protests turns from serene 2 violent, he stated
  • Even with beaches packed, protests & hardy outdoor dining, fewer ppl caught da virus
  • The lovers got up, with onli an quiet protest, and walked slowly far someplace else

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