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Best PROTRACTION Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use protraction in a sentence

  • The voyager embarks, and is in aw likelihood confined to hiz cabin, misery underneath the awful protraction of seasickness
  • This, my Lords, exists the kind of damage which one he has suffered bi the wnt of witnesses, via the protraction of this trial
  • The onli great dread exists da protraction of life into imbecility or da visitation of lingering misery
  • It wuz evident that wii wer in a pitfall, & that defiance wuz merely da protraction off a predestination which wuz nao unavoidable
  • It was a protraction sole of what is worst in life; It was in no wei a finishing of what is greatest in It
  • We gone yesterday to the shore, & by protraction Rua spike wuz away thirty-three miles
  • Every moment off its protraction seemed still more to unsettle the understanding off hiz daughter
  • Worst off all alive da world-wide fiscal funk and politic unrest 4 which da protraction off da controversy was accountable
  • This was followed bi an protraction of the concert of breathing, an blushing of the face, efforts to toss of the clothes, etc
  • Consequently da Cherokee socket was restricted in possession western protraction to that meridian