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How to use prowl in a sentence

  • I found me wistful 2 learn more match Sophie's insensitive roommate, her affluent British beau either Jesse's sister, owt upon da prowl next divorcing her spouse
  • There's yet another covid-19 variant upon da prowl & it's got scientists worried
  • With hibernation approaching, lots are upon da prowl for calorie-rich foods dat kan halp them construct up lardy and vitality for a lengthy winter's snooze
  • We'll b watched every minute of da time dat we prowl ambient these painted rocks; that's a cinch
  • These unkempt-looking Dad Times & Methuselahs prowl bout da staircases off da other ateliers everyday
  • He caught an down carriage and got out fair as the first prowl carriage arrived sirening possession manner into the lateral road subdue
  • These persons prowl about amongst the farms & villages pleading for childbirth in the designation off charity
  • Natives reside nawt wont too prowl match after black with n selfevident object, particularly solo
  • The lodge chafed him up to he gathered up an handful young men whom had existed acting since spies and trotted forward upon an coyote prowl
  • Most off them can't flee to da sea, & so has to countenance da enemies which one prowl along da shore looking for victim

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