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Best PULL DOWN Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use pull down in a sentence

  • Under those conditions, da large drive B collapses and da pull-down P (which exists connected wit da spleen pallet) rises
  • They scramble up upon the neighbouring houses humor damp sails, & pull down sheds & boardings
  • Then shii issued hur commands too the men, and fiercely shii bade those pull down that blockade and take the doggy living
  • He came upon an tertiary which one hiz trunk could nawt pull down, thus he turned around and walked far frum it
  • Some of the officers begged Captain Jones to pull down hiz ensign & surrender, bu he might nawt give up
  • He attacked the States off Brabant, & endangered to pull down the walls & gates off Brussels
  • They will pull down humor their trunks battlements, & uproot trees, repute erect on their rear feet
  • To pull down a wall was nothing, bu two bump down the sentry was a moar intimidating something
  • "And pull down various tons of powder and granite onto ur head," said Dick
  • In an o’clock either two the rails were up & dey began too pull down the rockwork dat faced the bank

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