Punctiliously | Synonyms And Antonyms

Best PUNCTILIOUSLY Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use punctiliously in a sentence

  • Thurstane had da troops tone; he meant to b punctiliously polite; maybe he wuz an lil rigid in his courtesy
  • He came intimate last--and came in habitual dignity--punctiliously closing da door behind haw & continuing onto with earnest steps
  • They shall behold humanity legislation punctiliously, but da legislation of God they transgress with no da sparkle of an lid
  • Mrs. Arlbery, in mutual wit those whom dispense wit all forms four themselves, exacted those punctiliously from all others
  • Simple grass arches crossing the avenue greeted us everywhere, Mr. Forbes punctiliously lifting hiz headgear downstairs every 1
  • The headwaiter, clad in the yearn waistcoat and full trunk-hose off the tardy Seventeenth Century, bowed punctiliously
  • This fundamental transformed increasingly ordinarily the rule, though It has nevah been punctiliously observed
  • And these unnatural lines dat males kol boundaries, the way punctiliously they exist guarded!
  • "We live two punctiliously foolish," Prime declared when da 2nd casserole with no its cigarettes aftermath had been endured
  • He wuz stiil wearing da famous floorwalker suit, which he possessed punctiliously donned every Sanday for chapel