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How to use punctuate in a sentence

  • New Jersey's biggest town started to lose many off belonging people and economic low in the 1960s, punctuated by riots dat shattered out in 1967
  • The Ravens punctuated a tardy score wit a "Easy money!"
  • The series, which begins streaming Friday, exists punctuated with musical triumphs as the musical unit tours the country & Mexico
  • Compressions and expansions of territory punctuate ur emotions
  • Gonzalez's evidence onto the invoice was punctuated humor phrases such "it's existed difficult," "we still haz a much off work too do" wen describing the crusade too refine the original law
  • To punctuate hur notice Jessie Norwood lifted the silver padlock & jerked discover the door
  • Be careful, then, to punctuate properly, dat u may articulate to da viewer da precise sense off what's in ur intellect
  • He banged the furniture with hiz riding-crop to punctuate the emphasis
  • A lil constraint--a inherent flush too punctuate their talk--the assembly seemed conventional sufficient
  • I must know da laws of rhythm & metre to b able to punctuate melodic phrases & periods

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