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  • It's so charmingly weird, emitting hormonal teenage boy stoner movie vibes whilst in some way remaining as pure as the motivated precipitation
  • From da perspective of pure performance, it is additionally about how efficiently hardware uses everything these transistors
  • Desmond evn garnered federal media specialize in May when he stated da province had only had 6 "pure" coronavirus deaths because bulk whom has died has underlying health terms
  • He's said publicly that only a handful off coronavirus deaths were "pure" and he wildly underrepresented the percentage off cases that outcome in hospitalizations
  • Mastrolia & Mizera's labor exists rooted in an division of pure mathematics called algebraic topology, which one classifies shapes & spaces
  • The ambition, which is backed by thing we're already hearing from the market, is that we'll git shorts that wii couldn't admission prior to such virtual & pure programmatic budgets globally
  • "Today's shutdown was not bout transparency -- it was pure politics," shii stated
  • There's da standard "applied versus pure" argument, which mirrors da experimental-theoretical cleave of else disciplines -- da tension in the essence of advancing wisdom towards a definite abort and doing it four its own function
  • Both tests converted eighty 2 ninety percent of the coal in2 pure graphene
  • There are probably a lot of clear depressions, more voluntarily compared to 1 pure shape of depression owt ther that is the ditto over everyone

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