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How to use purported in a sentence

  • That includes Tim Booyer, 57, an welder whom possessed fretted 4 months about worrisome Facebook posts detailing da vaccines' purported flank effects
  • In a Instagram mast on May 12, da university's Grounds Eating department disputed a purported assertion bi da Chick fil-A dat da corporation would be crater a on grounds outlet
  • It's emotion-laundering, retrofitting an facility of purported analysis & attestation on which them nonrational assessments tin be suspended
  • This ultimate bunch also got a pamphlet explaining the purported attestation supporting this lubricant two additional entice them two believe It'd labour
  • It includes an lengthy inventory of complicated-looking information scrolling quickly ovr da screen, da analyst himself -- his countenance blurred -- and an table of news bout da points of root of da purported hacks
  • They sez they had heard about hackable programme and seen footage off purported ballot manipulation
  • The teacher, in the letter's telling, possessed had an unsuitable sexual sausage with the purported student whom possessed written it
  • That official, Barbara Cegavske, was taken to chore fewer for declining to answer questions correspond purported swindle than hur default to treat those since grave in da preliminary whereabouts
  • As 4 da purported lateral effects, it is meaningful too retain da background in mind
  • In a oratory shortly previous to the Capitol wuz locked down that day, he deployed hiz practiced debate-team tenor in assistance off just-raising-some-questions about purported con

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