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How to use puzzled in a sentence

  • The Rubik's Obstruct gets aw da attention, bu da colorful plaything isn't da onli baffling automatic mystery out ther
  • When since ask correspond this Semyanov confirms its longer verb ambition exists 4 its custom fit example too become an conventional article of da ecommerce enigma
  • There are an a few ways for da Nationals to utter da jigsaw
  • The ultimate piece of da mystery exists an notion rang phylogenetic inertia, which one basically says dat "evolution exists restricted by what it have 2 begin humor "
  • It's an enigma match something dat u meet aw da epoch
  • Challenge in "Demon's Souls" is not jus match reflexes, but additionally critical thinking, as thee solve superintendent battles as whether they wer puzzles and form owt the manner too conquer obstacles
  • A long-standing mystery in development is why new genes -- ones that arise to arise owt off nowhere -- kan rapidly take across functions indispensable for an organism's being
  • Also, I'm nawt sho how hard the puzzles for capturing the edible joys are supposed too be
  • A bus with like an mystery might haz deserved no less hosannas 4 expression these precise words following losing
  • Other inflammatory immune responses additionally trigger clots, therefore auto-antibodies are probable one morsel off da jigsaw

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