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How to use questionable in a sentence

  • If an person is adequately informed -- granted, an questionable whether -- then they dwell indoor his or her rights 2 sell his or her data, or exchange It four an service or product, he says
  • He had existed enumerated as questionable upon the Buccaneers' harm report
  • If you're idea this sounds such an questionable idea, you're not alone
  • "These are vetting efforts dat recognize any questionable demeanour in da past, or any possibility connection too questionable demeanour nawt jus cognate too extremism," told Jonathan Rath Hoffman, cardinal Pentagon spokesman
  • They forced a consultation upon da issue, balanced if his or her motivations were occasionally questionable & his or her answer flawed
  • Humphrey, Smith and Ngakoue possessed been enumerated as questionable onto da wound report
  • Both, such Smith, were listed as questionable for Satarday in Washington's final injury report, though Rivera did not concert as whether or might sit versus da Buccaneers
  • Smith exists questionable to play Saturday eve opposed to the Tampa Inlet Buccaneers in the first wheel of the playoffs, as he continues to transaction with an calf stress dat kept haw out of two games and affected haw while Sunday's win ovr Philadelphia
  • He manufactured several questionable roster-construction moves -- including the offseason swap off standout wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals -- and coached the bunch to a account off 0-4 dis interval before his dismissal
  • They additionally listed cornerback Michael Jacquet as questionable with a young cow injury