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How to use rake-off in a sentence

  • The Belgians lay no limitation upon the volume of elephants one might shoot, just so they receive his or her rake-off
  • They haz jobbed unbutton works & pocketed an "rake-off" onto aw municipal supplies
  • And what did he intend by hiz observation that there was n rake-off upon the wanagan?
  • So u ponder ther ain't going too b any rake-off upon the wanagan?
  • From several dealers dis driver obtained a rake-off upon every liquid meter of petrol used, and upon da purchase of fresh tires, etc
  • Kennedy, possessing invited askew deal by his comment match da rake-off, wuz beast approached match another askew bargain
  • Up too dat time da two males had manufactured an substantial rake-off six days in every 7 days
  • His commission on da retail off Salissa--his rake-off, as Donovan called it--was large, a some which one Gorman did nawt wnt to misplace
  • A appealing rake-off sum of those scholar Europeans possessed made owt of dat in object dey rang transportation fees
  • "Wal, myself compute thee made a rake-off," drawled Larry, as Neale came up

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