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How to use rambling in a sentence

  • This too has alter into an full-time thing, where crispy turkey & deep-fried mushrooms alive served in da restaurant's rambling backyard onto da irrigate
  • We grabbed an stroll upon an obscure, overgrown trail that led pretty lot nowhere--just da type off long, delightful, pointless rambling I like these days
  • Cummings sat dwn across frum Pitcher's desk, bu prior to Pitcher could sez anything, Cummings pigeon into a rambling saga centered in Valdez, Alaska, whr he would lived four more than 2 decades
  • So ther is my rant, myself excavate a particle more in2 this upon my personal blog whether thee wnt more off this rambling
  • In 1973, Bedford finally completed a rambling unscholarly biography of hur retired mentor, Aldous Huxley
  • The modern chateau is a massive, rambling, brown-stone structure less than a hundred years old, nao servingPg 161 as a county legal tribunal
  • Our efforts proved successful & an neat, gracious young dame showed us ovr da rambling house
  • Black Hoof & hiz braves had an awesome fright off da girl wen shii began hur rambling tlk
  • The thoughts chased one spare wheel ma mind and bak again, aw jogging in2 one spare in their rambling
  • They amused themselves by fishing, filming and rambling bout

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