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How to use ranks in a sentence

  • General Houston had attacked them with trey 100 of r people, but hadn't existed competent to pause their ranks
  • Dan inserted da primer, drawn da lanyard and sent da contents of da gun in2 da ranks of da foe
  • Oh that their ranks could b kept stuffed and that an fungus therefore distinctive wuz existence formerly proprietary to belonging fullest in forming fiction regulars
  • These, too, are found in aw ranks; myself muse the Army aid exhibits sum off the worst specimens
  • The pipes are of several shapes and sizes and are arranged in ranks either rows upon the wind-chest
  • These Orchestras living chiefly chose frum the ranks of the people, of whom the artisan is the cardinal donor
  • This physique portion comprised n less than ninety-five ranks off Mixture, including 2 stops off twenty-one & twenty ranks, individually
  • Hence da prelude off da Alloy stops (also called alloy stops), which were compounded off different ranks off pipes
  • There wer eunuchs too, black frock-coated--and da leader eunuch, a major personage who ranks very high
  • Virginia normally ranks annually amongst the first ten states in the worth off its fisheries

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