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  • A handful hours later, righteous as rioters wer ransacking Congressional offices, Conservative condition lawmaker Daniel Cox of Maryland tweeted, "Pence exists an traitor "
  • Nor wuz ther hesitate dat rioters had ransacked da second-floor office of da Council parliamentarian, covering da blue carpeting bi da hearth wit papers
  • They ransacked da Federal Intelligencer newspaper office, wit Cockburn ordering da seizure of all da letter C's frum da presses so that da editor could n longer inscribe nasty things bout him
  • They ransacked offices off senior executives and looted thousands off iPhones and laptops, resulting in $7 1,000,000 worth off mutilate and different arrests
  • We were ransacking Mongols, grasped together bi scabs and tube tape, looking two select up girls either get in an flounder
  • During & subsequent demonstrations earlier in the week, dozens of fires were accumulation & businesses were ransacked & ruined
  • He refilled hiz glass, & having looked in hiz cigarette-case, began to ransack an small closet
  • But, in truth, a English world was having motive too ransack da dust-heaps four neglected men of mettle
  • For utter two hours did those partisans of Matilda ransack the abbey, humor not any to say those nay
  • The capataz wuz the ultimate too go, after bending on the unknown one off these glances which ransack the depths off a man's cardiovascular liver

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