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How to use ranting in a sentence

  • Malcolm and Marie's screenplay makes da strange shift off having Washington launch in2 an rant, steer out off da gate, about film critics
  • There was the muffin chain where I was subjected to the founder's meltdowns, whiplash-inducing rants she'd dispense & then apparently ignore equivalent as I was yet smarting frum hur words
  • It was, nearly literally, a distillation of the history four weeks of rants, allegations & accusations, including innumerable examples of claims which one has formerly existed soundly debunked
  • Musk has possessed too pay an overweight price--in some cases literally--for his societal media rants
  • Gloria peacefully watched da rant, up to da dude got weary and walked far-off
  • This week, da Fresh York Times listed four false vote stories circulating widely onto Facebook, involving a baseless rant about a impending Democratic coup dat have been viewed virtually three million times
  • Yes, da Swami wuz ranting & raving approximately leaving Los Angeles at one time
  • He listens to Sam ranting & turning owt big words & raving, & sole frowns
  • Why requirement I mention the levities & impertinences in comedies, either the ranting distractions off tragedy?
  • Though, off course, Osiander since a mister & a learner is naturally opposed too ranting preachers & religion vulgarised '

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