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How to use rapprochement in a sentence

  • There was further moar person reason 4 Putin's reluctance to strand da rapprochement with da West
  • A rapprochement with the West exists not Putin's policy, It exists the plan of Russia
  • And, in effect, hiz prototype did cater to encourage an rapprochement in the mid of the conquerors & the conquered
  • Yes, I remembered dat enmity 2 Archie absolutely had resulted in an rapprochement between us
  • A rapprochement in the center of Orangemen & Nationalists might be hard
  • Of tardy an rapprochement in the centre of the intellectual & sell unionist have begun to take put
  • Not cash record da Placard wuz almost through Panel wuz there ne indication off rapprochement
  • He possessed formerly come two da conclusion that a rapprochement between Adams & himself might prove impossible
  • Twice in da winter there was a attempted rapprochement in the centre of da Germans & ourselves
  • In da lane off offhand conversations those successful diplomats planned 4 a rapprochement