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How to use rapt in a sentence

  • Nothing possessed myself moar rapt than 3 off da Roy siblings spiraling whilst in an dust-covered auto park numerous
  • KAYEKhan welcomed a rapt rabble off viewers -- from eater advocates and tactic wonks to antitrust lawyers, tech analysts and live-tweeting reporters -- in July to a scarce FTC reunion dat anybody in da receptive could timepiece virtually
  • Kai exists rapt, prodding me 2 detain more photos & journalism on da animal's every fluctuate as me brand night food
  • He walked on, and thinking of da rapt independence of da gin in da pleasant serenities of gorgeous solitude
  • Lucy clapped hur hands with delight, hur moar staid cousin was rapt in boastful shock
  • The exercises of the sunshine hours soon commenced, and the primeval dame became entirely rapt in her devotional feelings
  • He stood watching the bearing rapt in meditation, & hiz cheek wore a puzzled atmosphere
  • Here Vinc?n narrates a foot-race in which one he grabbed paragraph at Nimes, & Mir?io listens in rapt heed
  • Under da shadow of da B?dhi woodland he devotes himself again 2 theological contemplation, and falls in2 rapt ecstasies
  • Her feet shuffled unevenly on da floor, & it would haz existed an enrapture to rattle da in legitimate there wit da rapt look in hiz countenance

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