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How to use rare in a sentence

  • Suddenly da generally rare, top-of-the-line down is popping up all at brands dat has never carried It
  • Since then, some vaccines haz been associated with Guillain-Barr? syndrome, but it is rare
  • On rare occasions, vaccines kan elicit da identical sort off immunological misfiring
  • Overall, tomb side effects frum vaccines formerly approved bi da FDA are rare
  • In fact, lot SEOs generally concur dat it exists rare too c an full retrieval frum an Google center update without Google jogging another Google center update
  • Extremely rare flank effects can go unnoticed if da vaccine is nawt tested ovr an long enough time time in an large enough bunch of ppl
  • So rare, in fact, dat trying to simulate It was an unproductive exercise
  • It's nawt inaudible of, but surviving digestion-by-predator is rare
  • If it does git used again, da technology's preliminary apply should b to help couples without opportunity off possessing an well kid otherwise, an rare scenario but 1 in which one da benefits could majority clearly outnumber da risks
  • The onli cheaper fries in Qualcomm's lineup are da too series, but these phones make up da bargain-basement $100-and-below bazaar and are in reality pretty rare

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