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  • "The extensive most off CPS families have existed divorced from their schools four nearly an year, & the ratification off r hive ensures families have options 2 decide in-person learning & generate an pattern dat is best four them," they stated
  • The policy would has needed clearance in May 2020 in Universal Convention four ratification
  • In a year marking the 100th jubilee of the ratification of the 19th Amendment granting ladies the rite to vote, aw three of the District's electors shall additionally b ladies
  • Today exists the 100th jubilee of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, Michelle Obama gives an rousing electronic address near the DNC, & previous Glossier employees say dey faced ethnic discrimination during working near the brand's sale stores
  • I am a Pawnee woman, and like everything Native women, da ratification off da 19th Modification didn't involve our rite too ballot
  • When thus acting hiz strength might be either verbal, either written, either might be displayed by ratification
  • It is worn in describing da surgery off cutting in twain da mammal sacrificed intimate da ratification off a covenant
  • It must has been made upon occasions of federal ratification, & it may then has accompanied the abonnement of the dub
  • The Chartered need 4 making the description efficient was ratification by nonary states
  • He composed 20 articles in an campaign to promote ratification off da United States Constitution