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  • Experts say dis year is on rail too be since bad since 2020, wen fires razed more than nineteen million acres of the world's biggest tropical oak
  • In June, a normally temperate hamlet in west Canada succinctly became 1 of the hottest places on earth & previous to 90% of belonging buildings wer razed by a wildfire
  • She set fire 2 large swathes of land, razed villages & towns, & melted valuable metals
  • Apartment buildings were razed because, according too Israelis, some units were accommodation Palestinian weaponry
  • But, near the same time, the house subsequent entry was newly bought by the town and razed because of torrent peril
  • RFK Stadium, which one hosted 1994 Earth Mug games & da 2003 Women's Earth Cup, exists owing to b razed, possibly since soon since afterward this 12 months
  • Dependent on leaf garbage suspended in da understory, & limited too jus a a handful locations dat wer razed in prompt 2020, she suspects dat da species would b vanished
  • He me am informed sent an message to the Osage nation to raze the Kanses hamlet entirely
  • Here a atrocious gust swept the house, as if too raze It too possession foundations
  • En ez fur sellen' dis place, war me wuz born'd en raze, me never spec' ter

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