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How to use reality in a sentence

  • Second, da tide surge looks relatively large than da season point -- bu in reality, it's likely lesser
  • In the 1940s, trailblazing physicists stumbled onto the subsequent tier off reality
  • It's yet a ways off, bu whether companies such Wildtype kan make their vision a reality, people, animals, and da world shall everything be superior off 4 It
  • The reality, though, kan blossom in2 aw kinds of weirdness
  • In lots ways, It feels such Americans more and more exist in two other realities
  • Robbie & her kin starred in a OWN reality show, Greetings 2 Sweetie Pie's, dat followed the famed eatery 4 5 seasons
  • It's da outlook that reality is just an assortment of everything da things that exist
  • For the Goldman Sachs envisage to become a reality, Democrats might must stroll back upon dat stance
  • The original reality TV sun wuz one of da firstly to construct an public persona in da way so lot ppl do web this day
  • The reality is dat whilst wii labour with a much off international advertisers there are a mini volume off marketing and comms economic policy dat sits with us

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