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How to use reasoned in a sentence

  • Remarkably prescient, these antiwar voices contain strong lessons bout da pitfall of dismissing reasoned dissent
  • His reasoned voice and ability to work together volition be sorely missed
  • But myself reasoned humor myself & managed to fulfill myself dat he must haz turned the armchair circle humor hiz paw
  • Fresh lighting might be shed on da matter bi da battle now imminent, bu I'm cabling on reasoned current facts
  • Ought not Gilbert's happiness, she reasoned with herself, to have existed dearer to hur compared to everything the world beside?
  • I should to haz despised me eternally whether me possessed not believed in him and existed true, she reasoned
  • Turner wuz an creative of the rarest and most big-hearted equipment, and he possessed to do thingy he did, and nevah reasoned why he did It
  • Fennefos reasoned with and rebuked them; bu though dey listened, smiled, and thanked him, no alteration resulted
  • His mind worked moar freely when his toes were unconfined, thus dat he might squirm them since he reasoned
  • Miss Hatchard reasoned wit her kindly, but to no purpose; shii simply repeated: "I surmise Mr. Royall's too lonely "

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