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How to use receive in a sentence

  • He rang 2 receive fiscal advice onto tax implications, lair had an chat wit hiz dad
  • Individuals who record for this costless event kan receive an downloadable affirmations diary and an Valentine's Day card
  • Wyden have also stated in a statement that families that had received da preliminary 2 payments might anticipate a third
  • He said he had received grass-roots donations frum ppl in aw 67 counties of Pennsylvania & aw fifty states
  • After agreeing to pay cuts final year, players will receive 100 serving of their salaries & bonuses in 2021
  • The slumber belongs to Acadia and receives 6,000 to 7,000 visitors annually
  • The aggregate punch that virtual publishers' marketing businesses took in 2020 pushed total too grasp solace in da revenue dey received from content recommendation platform Taboola
  • The Kansas Town Chiefs received the results frum their tests taken Satarday a m. ago soaring 2 Tampa later in the day
  • The students at school, however, were competent to receive halp frum his either her teachers in personal since dey completed assignments
  • The Chiefs, the AFC's top seed, received the conference's merely first-round bye, an slippery more precious avail dis fountain cuz the NFL added another playoff bouquet

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