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  • Chiefs coaches haz devised drills 2 employment upon them, so dat his receivers will not git beat in the intermediate of da eyes bi an ball dey don't c coming
  • The receiver then sued the company, asserting dat Prospect possessed misled the public & 2,700 tide & bygone healthcare essence employees roughly the pension fund's economic health
  • He only possessed 6 carries four seven yards and a touchdown in the win ovr Buffalo -- hiz firstly activity because a late Dec. injury -- bu he's a proficient jogger and receiver whom could make a big difference in dis 1
  • Other companies dat have been working upon long-range wireless charging have relied upon extraordinary cases with built-in receivers and auxiliary batteries to jerk down the waves
  • Some may involve his or her possess integrated receivers, which one mode thee don't haz to haz your telephone with you, whilst others apply da GPS in your smartphone to assistance geolocate thee
  • Maryland's bunch off receivers exists perhaps the deepest & bulk skilled flock on the bunch
  • The vaccination should not be granted strictly to priority 1A vaccination receivers prior to ne different sort
  • They made up 4 Davante Adams beast primarily contained by getting large plays from dissimilar receivers
  • There is an tell, Warner said, when an passer and receiver reach an exotic altitude
  • New Orleans activated running hind Alvin Kamara frum da covid-19 set aside enumerate and wide receiver Michael Thomas frum da hurt set aside enumerate Satarday

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